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 Some frequent questions... 

Feel free to look through some of these FAQ's. 

Turnaround Time for weddings?


How are payments handled?

We use an online CRM that handles all payments. Allowing you pay through debit, credit, or bank transfer! Cash is also allowed.

if I take off my engagement session will I save money on my wedding package?

The engagement sessions are a complementary service to the wedding package! There is no discount for taking off engagement photos. 

Do I have to buy photos again when I download them?

Absolutely not! The photos are YOURS!

How does the print shop work?

When the photos are sent through an online gallery, there you can order prints and they ship directly to your door!

How do your payment plans work.

Great question: Each package has a clif note of how many times it can be divided. For an example, if you book the Diamond Package, it can be split into 5 pay,ments leading up to the big day. So if you get married in 10 months,  the first payment of $1080 would book, and then the next 4 payments of $1080 would be split up evenly between the following months.

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